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As our understanding of the brain increases, it is a natural tendency to think about how we could possibly augment the brain. A true brain-computer interface is still a few years away at least, but imagining the possibilities is exciting. A true, bi-directional brain-computer interface or BCI could allow individuals almost encyclopedic knowledge, recalibration of your motor center for optimal physical performance, communication for individuals with severe physical disabilities, and an advanced diagnostic understanding of the brain to name just a few possibilities. Would you put a chip in your head to gain an advantage if given the opportunity? It is an interesting ethical question, and one many will have to answer in their lifetimes.



#neuroscience #neuralnetworks #artificialintelligence #deeplearning #techdomains #domains #futuretechnologies #braincomputerinterface #domainnames #virtualdata

#biometrics #quantization

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